Easy and user-friendly: Firstmag is an "all in one" software specially designed for retail management !
It is the ideal tool for the management and control of your store. It allows you to quickly and easily register counter sales, edit receipts while improving the management of the business. Customizable, Firstmag adapts to many industries: ready-to-wear, handbags, perfumery, household goods, food ...

 Its main features are:
-The management of items with or without size / color, weight per meter ...
-Management of sales and receipts
-Inventory management and inventory
-Customer management and retention
-Centralized management by store and consolidated (multi-store version)
- Touch mode used software
-Interface with bank card terminals
-Can be connected to a cleaned out control system
-balance weighing interface
-Very comprehensive and customizable statistical module with specific states
-State generator (invoices, barcode labels) integrated in the software
-Database "client / server SQL" powerful and reliable

Firstmag is also a very evolved and powerful business management software
invoice management, quotes, delivery, payments with many statistics and comparison
and an interface containing the leading accounting softwares.

Firstmag exists in multi-site version in order to manage multiple stores,either independent businesses or franchise, located in the euro area or non-euro area (multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-legislation).

Firstmag is compatible with touchscreen terminals and almost all peripherals such as barcode readers, cash drawers and ticket printers.
You can consult the form with detailed specifications of the software or download it (PDF).
You can download the demo version from the download area. Firstmag is a software adapted to your business.


Software suitable for numerous activities

Firstmag is definitely the software for your business with these powerful features ...

Ready to wear
Management of grids of sizes and colors, sizes, depth.
Food, supermarket
Managing the weight sales, per liter, management of barcodes weight or price, interface scales.
Precious metals management, small label management and specific barcodes.
Sales management / second hand purchases.
Ticketing management.
Electronics, computers, domestic electrical
Ecological fee management, serial numbers and warranties.
Tax-free management and boarding passes

Some screenshots

Item form   

Statistic form

Technical data

You can download the detailed description of the functions, click here.

Sales brochure

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Demonstration version

You can evaluate the power and usability of our software by downloading a demo.

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