BackupSender is a storage system for backup databases like Firebird via Internet to a central server.


The idea of ​​this service is the fact that last users who have no computer engineer find it often difficult to perform correctly their backups. Either they do not do any backup, or they do them on USB sticks or external hard drives or any other media, but very often in case of an incident it is difficult if not impossible to find a valid and recent backup.

Most frequently the user uses only one medium and in case of data file damage, the corrupted data are saved and it is impossible to find any sound data. The service aims to provide a simple and reliable storage of data bases for a lower cost.

Detailed principle

This service includes a software installed on the client’s computer which sends data - manually (on request) or automatically (scheduled), to a centralized storage server.

This service also includes a central system that processes incoming files. Once received the databases on the storage server, they are systematically restored and tested. The user is notified by email (each receiving backup or weekly) of the good reception of the backups. Moreover, if the central system receives no backup after a few days of a registered user, it also sends an email notification for the client to take the necessary measures if the situation is abnormal.



If you have an internet connection, by subscribing to the service and after installation, a backup is done daily. You are notified by email or sms when backup is don.

Files received are systematically checked, so no risk to save a corrupt file.